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I have made a lot of music.
I am making a lot of music.
I will make a lot more music.

I would like to personally share ALL of it with those of you who are genuinely interested in listening.

By becoming an Infinite Third subscriber on Bandcamp, your monthly micro-payment of $3.33 (or more) will be used to help manage the many expenses that come with being a touring musician while I simultaneously finalize my next full-length studio album "Channel(s)" which I have been envisioning and working toward for a few years now. The vision for this album is ambitious but practical. I see it as a transcendence of everything I've made before it, a rebirth of sorts, but also a logical progression and realization of the potential of the Infinite Third sound.

As a subscriber, you'll get exclusive access to the entire collection which includes not only my existing public back catalog but also private albums such as "Innermost Center", "Eternal Minor", "h ie r o gl y phs", "Clearly", "The Photographs" (EP), "Beginninglessness", "Traversed", "The Exploratory Sessions", loads of live recordings, and other obscure releases from the vault - even all future collections of sketches, improvisational experiments, and live sets.

I hope that you'll all follow me into this new chapter and join me in commemorating the mythology behind this project up to this point by exploring the discography and allowing it to be part of the soundtrack to your inner world.


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Infinite Third
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Infinite Third is the guitar-based, heavy ambient electronic music of Billy Mays III.

New album "Channel(s)" coming this November.

Bandcamp subscribers get access to 15+ hours of exclusive material including live sets, obscure albums, experimental sketches, meditations, and other private releases from throughout the years.

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